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Ehrwald Freestyle Session - March 2013

[last updated 26 March 2013]

Tyrolean Time Traveller (4:56)
park and piste
Alan Braxe - Time Machine (Gigamesh remix)

Heartcarve Promotion (1:43)
park and piste
Phil D edit

Session Slideshow (4:00)
P. Diddy ft. Pharrell - D.I.D.D.Y vs 50 Cent vs MJ vs 112 vs Mase (heartcarve mix)

The Heartcarve skis and mini-polecam were used in Ehrwald, Tyrol, Austria in March 2013. Daniel enjoyed using the skis, and found them light and nimble in the air, except he found landings difficult. As such, he'd prefer to use his existing skis (for now,) but he also said he needed more time to get used to them, and liked using the skis on piste.

Daniel on FB

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