Zermatt, Switzerland - Jan '13 - Adrian Wajsbrem  fb
Ehrwald, Austria - Mar '13 - Daniel Hohenegg
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To the extent possible under law, Adrian Wajsbrem has waived all copyright and related or neighboring rights to Heartcarve Ski and Snowboard designs with connected designs/ideas. This work is published from: Israel.

Further elaboration soon on all artefacts.
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Meathammer 2015

- all mountain mastery (NS discussion, TGR)

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Custom Piste 2016 + Gayton Snowboard
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Heart Party idea

The original heartslayer, and the progenitor of this model remains and is for heartcarving in the purest style, and in the most accessible way.

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Crystal necklace and headgear

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3+ hrs of RnB and Hiphop mashups

Jerusalem Hills Cop II
ski comp
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- 155cm   170/98.5/153
- 5.65m radius
- reverse camber
- unique forward waist
- twin tip / twin rocker
- no poles + any terrain
- 55cm bamboo binding plate
- info image below
- made by Idris, France
- slay into the future
- info & pics / group buy / freestyle

- ball head
- carbon fiber
- dbl length cork grip
- counterweight
- Polecam FAQ
- ski pics
- available after winter

- tba